Exercising has become overcomplicated by the fitness Industry — keeping it simple and going back to basics is the way forward.

planking on the gras
The Powerful Plank!

Why make exercise complicated and expensive when it can be simple and cheap? The path of least resistance is usually the better one, for exercise too!

Yet the majority likes to spend tons of money on gym memberships, classes, and sporting equipment. Of course, you’re led to believe if you…


Why sitting motionless against a wall or tree is the most powerful and safe leg exercise.

The Wall-Sit; not the perfect form by me here — see below.

Your legs are your biggest muscle group — they have to carry you around all day long unless you’re a couch potato! Exercise your legs safely!

For that reason, it’s important to pay attention to your legs, making sure you build lean, strong muscles and move them frequently.

But there’s…


I recently flew from Bali to Singapore — this is how it went.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Flying has been challenging and often unpleasant since the September 11th attacks, the restrictions that followed and the increased security measures.

That was nothing compared to what you have to go through today to get from A to B.

While domestic air travel is relatively simple, international involves a whole…

Mental Health

Fast-Paced Living, Digital Media Overstimulation, and more lead to Adverse Health Effects.

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Why do we call it a rat race?

In some form or another, we’re all caught up in an exhausting and competitive routine to do better than others and feel more accomplished ourselves.

The problem is, that’s not a healthy way to live and it will (not might), in time…

Rob Hourmont

Writer | Blogger | Nutritionist | Keto Health Coach | Olympic Athlete | Inspire, inform, and support others to live a healthy life.

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